RW3: Train Simulator opdateret

Igår blev RW3 opdateret. Hvad der er rettet kan I læse her. Teksten er på engelsk.

Train Simulator 2012 will be updated on Steam around 19:00 (UK time) on 8 February. This will be an automatic update for all TS2012 users as soon as you next go online.

We have worked hard to ensure that this is a trouble-free migration with full backwards compatibility – however, if you make content, make sure you have backed up before the upgrade starts. (See below for details of how to backup)

This update fixes a number of reported problems with TS2012 and should improve the performance for many of you.

We hope you will continue to enjoy Train Simulator 2012. Thanks from everybody at Læs videre “RW3: Train Simulator opdateret”